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Small Group Ministry is Here!

Small group ministry is a GREAT way to get to know people and participate in a unique form of fellowship. Small groups at OASIS have between 5 and 20 members and are structured to emphasize active participation and interaction in a small setting with an underlying task, theme or goal. The Bible calls on Christians to encourage one another, bear one another's burdens, pray for one another and, above all, love one another. It is by that love that the world will know that we are followers of Christ (John 13:35).

Small group ministries are designed to develop close relationships with God and people in the different aspects of our lives. Small groups are where we put God’s word into action either through smaller groups of study or special interest groups. The groups are created to foster close, caring Christian relationships. Oasis Family Life Church offers small group ministries which provide constant Christian support and relationships that cultivate interest and engage people toward active participation in ministry.

Why join: Why are small groups useful?

They encourage open communication among members in an interactive setting. Individuals speak and are heard. Participants ask questions and comment freely.

They create an atmosphere where many ideas are brought forth that might not surface otherwise. The ministry becomes more productive and members become more cohesive with one another.

The interactive nature of small group activities makes them spirited and engaging. People are willing to attend and participate when they know the session will be worthwhile.

They provide a forum with interesting and different ways of looking at a topic. They are designed to be interesting, productive and useful in our daily lives.

*ALL ARE WELCOME! You do not have to be a member of Oasis Family Life Church to experience the JOY of small group ministry.*

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